Smartphone Optimization

A lot of people have smartphone these days and they’re using it to access to Internet more than ever. Mobile has become a key Internet access point. There are also many practical marketing advantages of having a mobile-optimized website. Put simply, mobile optimization will help you to reach more people and keep visitors engaged.

Necessary of smartphone optimization !

Strength of Smartphone Optimization

Strength of Smartphone Optimization

To increase visibility & operability in smartphone

  • Optimization of the button size
  • Optimization of the page composition
  • Optimization of the text size
  • Optimization of the link button
  • Optimization of the photo or image
  • Optimization of the screen size
FineLink has know-how of site composition from purchase, inquiry to application based on the keyword advertising experience.
We optimize your site with monitoring access situation after creating website.

The flow of smartphone optimization

Production Point

  • Deliver within 2weeks (minimum)
  • FineLink supports you with Design, Composition, and Operation
  • Full guarantees for maintenance and follow-up service!

More Suggestion

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